Keep Your Furniture Looking New: Protective Pads for Kitchen Tables

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Nearly all table tops can benefit from protective table pads. Table pad covers provide your valuable tables with protection from spills, scratches, heat, and rubbing. The kitchen is often a room where people gather, homework gets done, food is prepared, and projects are crafted. As a result, kitchen tables are especially susceptible to wear and tear that will deteriorate their finishes and leave them looking dull and worn. You can prevent your kitchen table from looking unnecessarily distressed by investing in a protective table pad from Table Pads Custom. We offer a variety of high quality and long-lasting pads for kitchen tables.

Table Pad Covers for All Finishes and Materials
Kitchen tables are often made from solid or laminate wood, plastic, or glass. No matter what material is used for your kitchen table, it can benefit from a table pad. Wood can easily be scratched or gouged, spills can warp the wood, and heat can often compromise the finish. Even teak, which is viewed as being especially durable due to its natural oils, can be damaged when it is scratched or burned.

Although easy to clean, plastic or any type of composite table tops are very susceptible to heat damage. Glass table tops, although easy to clean like plastic ones, can chip and may even break. If this happens, the table top cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Due to their vulnerabilities, all types of table tops will benefit from protective table pads.

Investing in the Longevity of Your Kitchen Table
By investing in a custom made table pad, you are ensuring that your kitchen table will withstand the demands you place on it and continue to look brand new. Our table protector pads are vinyl on top so that they are easy to clean and resistant to spills, heat, scratches and rubbing. The velvet bottoms of our table pads are soft and supple so that you can have confidence that the integrity of your table top will be maintained. We offer pads for kitchen tables that are made to high quality standard. We stand by our products and believe that, if they are properly cared for, they will last for years to come.

Magnetic Table Covers Protect Your Dining Room, Conference Tables and Kitchen Table

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At Table Pads Custom the leading table pad factory we understand the need to protect furniture for both special and everyday occasions. We offer a wide range of custom made table pads and magnetic table covers to help ensure your beautiful furniture is around for years to come. Even though table top pads may seem like a niche item, they can actually play an important role in virtually all homes.

In the Kitchen and Dining Rooms
One of the best places to utilize magnetic table covers is in the kitchen or dining room. You may have been at a family dinner where the one or more guests weren’t necessarily as careful at the table as you would have like them to be. For instance, water damage from spills can be a serious threat to your table, especially if it’s an antique.

The biggest threat to the integrity of your table, however, is actually from hot pots and plates. Even with potholders, the heat from a pot can burn your table and leave an ugly ring. Kitchen table pads prevent this. You may also want to consider protective table pads for your buffet table. This is another area that is very susceptible to heat damage.

To Convert a Space
One of the best things about table pads is their ability to transform a space into a multipurpose area. At Table Pads Custom, we serve families that are looking for ways to maximize the space in their homes. A great way to do this is by using tables for more than just eating. With custom magnetic table covers that easily snap into place, your dining room table can quickly go from a place to eat to a station for wrapping, sewing, doing bills, homework or crafts.

In the Bedroom
Table pads are not just for large surfaces. They’re also great for bedside tables or other bedroom tables that can sometimes be treated rather roughly. In the same way that hot pots can damage a table, cold and condensation from drinks can leave a white finish on your furniture. Candles are also a source of concern in the bedroom, as they can burn or drip wax onto surfaces. Both magnetic and non-magnetic table pads can protect these surfaces.

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Protect Your Table Pad with Table Pad Storage Bags

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If you have a table pad we offer at Table Pads Custom, then you know it works very effectively to protect your table from spills, burns and scratches. However, even the best table pad will probably need to come off at some point so that you can show off your beautiful furniture. A new problem now arises – where should you store your table top cover? It is actually very important to store your protective table pads in the right manner so they can last for a long time.

Prevent Replacements
Improper storage is actually the number one reason that consumers have to replace their table pads, regardless of how much they use it. Some people store their pads in their original shipping container, but it’s unlikely that everyone has the space to keep a massive empty box indefinitely. Table pad storage bags like that ones we sell here at Table Pads Custom are a fantastic alternative. These bags should then be stored flat, making them ideal to slide under dressers, beds, or into closets.

Storing Properly
All table pad covers have weak areas, which is almost always at the fold or hinge. This fold is a fabric hinge very similar to the hinge on a hard cover book. Just like good books should be stored between bookends, your custom table pads should be stored flat, either upright or on the floor. In the same way that books are damaged if they lean too much, your table bad will start to droop, especially at the weak locations. This is why storing it upright is so important. Keeping your pads in table pad storage bags makes it easy for you to store them flat without worrying about scratching.

Keep the Temperature Constant
It is very important to keep your table pads stored in an environment with a constant temperature. We recommend storing them on the first or second floor of your home, rather than in a hot attic, moist basement, or garage open to the elements. It’s also important to never store them in a furnace room with a water tank. There’s nothing worse than losing something meant to protect your furniture from water because of a water tank issue.

How to Care for Your Extension Leaf Pads and Other Table Pads

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At Table Pads Custom, we offer the best extension leaf pads, as well as other types of table pads in the industry. Although all of our products are high-quality and proven to stand the test of time, you can still help them out by taking great care of and cleaning them regularly.

Make Sure You’re Cleaning Right
The key to cleaning your extension leaf pads and other table pads is to not use anything abrasive. Simply use a clean dishrag soaked in warm water to wipe down the surface after use. If something has dried overnight, you can get rid of the substance with a mild solution of dishwashing liquid. You should never use any harsh cleaners or any type of vinyl cleaner or shining product. These products contain chemicals that may react with other chemicals in the table top pad and disintegrate the finish.

Don’t Forget the Bottom
You pretty much never want to touch the bottom of your table pads. To make sure that it stays clean, simply dry dust under the table with a dry, soft flannel rag. Also, try not to slide the pad onto your table when it’s incredibly dusty or recently polished. The back of the pad can be affected by the chemicals from the table polish and start to disintegrate. If you tend to leave your dining table pads on the surface for extended periods of time, you’ll also want to make sure you take them off for a day every couple of weeks to let the finish breathe and to prevent moisture from building up that could damage the pad or the table itself.

Storage is Important
One of the easiest ways to extend the life of your extension leaf pads is to simply store them properly. The best places to store table pad covers are in their original shipping boxes or in special pad storage bags, which we offer here at Table Pads Customs. You need to make sure that the pads are stored flat, whether standing up propped between two objects or on the floor. It’s also very important to store the pads in an area where temperature and humidity are stable. Extreme temperatures can damage protective table pads. So never store them in hot attics, moist garages, boiler rooms or garages.

Looking at Table Pad Uses

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The table pad is a valuable product that can be utilized in various ways. Whether it’s in the home or in a work environment, this product is designed to protect the furniture we use. For our customers, we fervently seek to develop and cultivate the many different uses of our product, the table pad, which in turn allows for individuals to see our commitment and devotion to ensuring viability in our product and return.

The Importance of Table Pad Uses
First and foremost table pad uses are about protection and preservation. At Table Pads Custom, we understand that your furniture is valuable which is why a table pad is built of sturdy wood and vinyl so that it absorbs the damage that would otherwise show up on the table surface. At the end of the day, tables are meant to be used and there’s no way to get around that aspect, however, here at Table Pads Custom we want more for your table than just usage; we want energy and feel that can be captured in the essence and quality of your table. Table pad uses enable a worry free environment when it comes to an individual’s investment, and as well, the beauty and usefulness of the table is kept intact.

The Quality Investment of a Table Pad
Table pad uses include but are not limited to, a stiff sturdy place to eat, drink, as well as a place for decorations or other items, whether temporary or more permanent. Table pads portray a very attractive and even professional appearance. Whether they are used in the home or at a business, their look and feel will be appreciated by the user or attendee. Table pads serve their function well in any environment. They protect and provide excellent décor. They can be matched very easily with existing furniture and indoor decorative styles.

Once you have these pads in your living or work space, you will know for sure that you’ve made a great investment. Furniture is essential to everyday tasks and that furniture needs to be protected in order to maintain its beauty and preserve a healthy measure of its value.

The What and Why of How Table Pads are Made

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Finding the right fit for something is one of the most important aspects of life. Often times, when this does not take place, there’s a sense of battle or uneasiness about a situation or circumstance. However, with regards to protecting furniture, this is not the case at all for Table Pads Custom. We are committed to outfitting your complex table solutions for you, ensuring the highest quality in protection and style.

The What of How Table Pads are Made
Each table pad is customized and made with precision and care to suit the needs of our clients. How table pads are made is specific to the placement as well as the kind of table which can include a dining room table, conference table, pool table, buffet table, and so much more. Our custom table pads are durable and light-weight with a specific kind of fiberboard that helps to hold its shape and to take abuse without warping.

With a variety of ways to add to the look of the table, we also look out for the intricate details of both the visage as well as the function. Additionally, when it comes to how table pads are made, there is a cushioned velvet at the bottom which helps to prevent scratching and a magnetic locking system that keeps everything in place with no damage to the edges or sides.

The Why of How Table Pads are Made
Durability: The perseveration of the look and feel of the table. The consistent and affectual flattery that comes with decorum that stands out to others as well as yourself. These are reasons why the how table pads are made becomes important. At Table Pads Custom, understanding that our clients want and expect a certain provision from us that warrants the best solutions for quality in keeping their tables not only functioning but aesthetically pleasing is the most genuine concern. They want to know that we able to fulfil and uphold their requirements.

Preservation is not just about lasting long or keeping something around while it is decrepit and not functioning, but rather to maintain, even sustain the level of quality that was present at the inception. We are committed to making sure how table pads are made is equal to results in the formation of best quality.

The Customization of Custom Table Pads

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Decorum is a very important aspect of any home, office, building, or personal space that occupies an individual’s time and awareness. Surroundings are an important element of any meeting space, whether it is in a home or place of business. However, what is more important than looks and aesthetics is substance and durability. When you’re able to combine the two – the aesthetics and the substance – then what you get is the best in quality. At Table Pads Custom, we are focused on protecting quality by ensuring that our products are able to stand the test of time, circumstance, and visage.

The Everyday Use of Custom Table Pads
Let’s face the facts… When it comes to human to human relations there’s no better place of meeting, be it cordial, business, or intimate, the use of a table is usually involved, often times as the median for food, and/or just the placeholder for what binds and connects human relations. At the Table Pads Custom, we are adamant about providing a service that garners the adequate protection of an underestimated yet valued commodity. Our custom table pads are designed to protect all varieties of tables while contributing to the overall quality and style that showcases who you are and where you’re going.

The Overall Appeal of Custom Table Pads
At Table Pads Custom, we offer a robust selection of colors, styles, and high quality material that can easily fit your needs, whether it is specifically for preservation or aesthetics. Despite our willingness to provide a service of protection for quality, our prices here at Table Pads Custom are affordable – and just because they may venture into a territory of greater affordability does not make the product that we carry cheap.

Rather, it reinforces our need and desire to better serve this specific area and to ensure that computer desks, pool tables, and night stands will not only benefit from a customized table pad but foster a long lasting patronage between you and ourselves. We are the place to go for your custom table pad needs and we guarantee satisfaction because we explore both quality and substance when it comes to protection.

Dining Table Extender – For that Extra Space

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Accommodating the entire family around the dining table for a holiday meal is a common tradition for many people, but finding a dining table big enough to seat everyone can be a huge challenge, especially if you have limited dining room space. It really doesn’t make any sense to own a dining table for 20 people if you only host them for dinner once a year. That’s why you should consider purchasing a dining table extender so you can have just the space you need, no matter how many people you’re feeding.

Protect Your Fine Furniture
A dining table extender can protect, preserve and extend fine furniture, not to mention provide additional seating for those times when you need extra space. It really is the perfect match so that you don’t have to worry about damaging your beautiful wood surfaces. A custom table pad is a unique and elegant way to keep your surfaces in superior shape. At Table Pads Custom, we can help make sure you purchase the right size dining table extenders for your furniture.

Purchasing Table Pads
Buying table extenders and protectors is, by far, one of the best choices you can make regarding your dining table furniture. We make purchasing pads direct from the factory easier than you can imagine. When investing in a pad, there are many considerations that will make your experience buying table extenders and protective pads not only better, but also easier and quicker. It is so much easier to deal directly with the factory and they can customize your table pads for your home or office.

Quickly Create More Space
You can transform almost any table, round, square or rectangular into a table big enough to handle almost any feast, craft or game. These extenders really make a difference and increase seating capacity to help accommodate your guests. If you need to more room for eating or recreation, then considering a dining table extender is possibly the most exceptional way to go. You’ll be able to easily extend the space you have without the expense of buying a brand new dining room table.

Buffet Table Pads and Buffet Servers – The Perfect Match

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Many homeowners know how stressful and time consuming entertaining can be. Appetizers, entree, dessert; there is so much to think about. And if you don’t entertain often, it can be even more stressful. There are so many different things involved in entertaining that sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to make a career out of entertaining. You just have to know what to do.

Why not choose an elegant way to keep your favorite party dishes warm when entertaining family and friends. You can prepare meals in the oven or on the stove top and then transfer them to the buffet servers. Buffets keep your dinner table from being overcrowded; and after the party, you’ll love how warm and inviting a buffet servers or sideboard looks in your dining room.

Retain your Beauty
Buffet servers and sideboards continue to be stylish and functional additions to the dining room. You can use your buffet for anything that makes serving in the dining room easier. Think dinnerware, glassware, flatware, linens, china, candlesticks, extra salt and pepper shakers, and decorative knickknacks.

Custom made buffet table pads really are the answer for increasing your off-the-table serving space. Remember, your beautiful sideboard or buffet server is not just for storing china and silverware, it’s also designed to be a working surface for entertaining. With buffet table pads on your sideboard or buffet servers, the wood surface is well protected from spills. No more running back and forth to the kitchen to refill plates. Your guests can help themselves without ever having to pass serving dishes at the table. At Table Pads Custom we have great options to choose from if you are looking for a superior table pad products related to your buffet serving needs.

It’s a Perfect Match
You can entertain and not have to worry about damaging your beautiful wood surfaces. With buffet table pads well matched to the color of the wood of your buffet servers, your guests will have eyes only for your beautiful china and delicious food!

Consider Glass Table Protectors for Your Home or Office

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After purchasing a new piece of furniture, or safeguarding a delicate antique, it is beneficial to use a table cover or protective gear. Although leatherette coverings can be functional and effective, it sometimes distracts from the original piece of furniture. In this case, glass table protectors showcase furniture while shielding it from potential damages. At Table Pads Custom, we understand the desire to protect tables with customized or specially amended glassware.

When customizing furniture, it is important to consider every detail, since every aspect adds to the overall personal decor of an environment. For example, the edge of each glass covering can be modified to fit five different styles. These corners and edges are pristinely crafted to be smooth, yet durable. The quality of the glass ensures that you will still be able to view your furniture through its beautiful glass display, but will reduce the risk of damaging furniture from liquids and dents. If a traditional style does not fit your required covering needs, we will customize glass coverings since we care about the outcome of your purchase.

In particular, the details of an antique are essential to the upkeep and preservation of an object. With table pads, the object can be concealed to increase the longevity of a historic item, help the appearance remain as its original, and protect its integrity and value.

Whether used on kitchen table pads or dining table pads, this option can be implemented so the furniture can be appreciated while also maximizing its protection. Additionally, glass table protectors can be complimented with leatherette coverings or other protecting equipment.

An additional reason for choosing glass instead of leather can be for its functionality. Glass is a way for individuals to utilize the protective coverings, while taking advantage of its durable structure. This opportunity is extremely beneficial when used in office building or retail locations. These companies require a space where employees can write, type, staple, or build without interference.

Furthermore, companies may have personalized furnishings, which can be expansive purchases. Implementing a table cover, specifically glass, can increase the longevity of a purchase and reduce the overhead cost of replacing furniture.