Five Great Advantages of a Custom Table Pad

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Customized table pads offer owners a wide range of benefits. Whether for use at your home or as a protective covering at your business, Table Pads Custom’s products offer an exceptional variety of benefits to our customers. Here’s a look at five great reasons to invest in a custom table pad for your home or office.

Heat Protection

Hopefully this hasn’t happened to you: You make a delicious dinner and remove it from the oven, placing it on the table to serve your hungry family but your pot holder fails or you forget to put one down at all. After you finish eating, you see the problem: fresh white wood stains now marring your beautiful dining table. With a custom table pad, you’d never have this problem. Our table covers are rated for up to 600 degrees F – far more than you’d almost ever need, even if you’re cooking a high-temperature roast or turkey.

Moisture Protection

Just like heat can mark up your wooden table, spills and moisture can warp and wear your fine surfaces. Spilled coffee, a sweaty water glass or splashed milk can make the finish of your table bubble or chip, exposing the raw wood beneath and leaving it susceptible to further damage. With a custom table pad, though, there’s no need to cry over spilt milk. Our tables offer a moisture-tight protection that prevents spills from reaching the covered table, and with the vinyl design, messes can be easily wiped up with a cloth or intensively cleaned using vinyl-safe oil or cleaning solution.
Custom Table Pad

Refreshed Look

Perhaps your table has already seen the impact of spills, messes and overly hot objects and has long-since lost its luster. No worry – a custom table pad can make your existing table look brand new. With our great collection of color options, you can place a new table pad overtop your existing table and give it a fresh look. Don’t throw out an otherwise fine table when you can make it look better than new – and keep it protected for the future – with a table pad.

Guaranteed Fit

We work closely with our customers to ensure accurate measurements of every table pad we create, and have an extensive collection of standard measurements on file to guarantee your pad fits perfectly straight out of the box. If you have a unique table or one that we don’t have measurements for, we offer a free pattern-making kit to walk you through taking the precise measurements that we need to ensure an accurate fit. We also offer on-site measuring appointments from our offices located around the country. No matter what, you can be sure that your pad fits perfectly or we’ll remake it for you. If we made a mistake, the replacement is free of charge. Even if you provided an incorrect measurement, we’ll happily work with you to make a replacement at a reduced cost.

Ease of Use

Lastly, adding a table pad to your existing surface couldn’t be easier. Whether a dining table, conference table or even a pool table, the cover easily sets on top of any surface. With our patented Magnaloc technology, segments of the cover simply and easily connect to one another, creating a seamless and complete protective cover for any surface. Whether you leave it on at all times or only need to use it for special occasions or having important guests or clients over, our table pad covers are quick and simple to place on any table.

Whatever your needs are, a custom table pad will provide an unbeatable layer of protection for any surface. Check out our full range of products online, or contact us today for more information on custom-designed table pads for your table.

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