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Custom table pads offer you a great way to keep any surface looking fresh and new and protected from any number of potential problems and wear that may occur with an exposed table. This is especially true with conference tables, which see an abundance of use through hosting special guests, conducting business meetings or holding staff conferences and collaboration sessions. Here are five great reasons to invest in a table pad to ensure your conference table serves you and your colleagues and clients for many years to come.

No writing marks

As part of many meetings, you or your team members will often take notes about the goings on, ideas being discussed or reminders to yourself to follow up on. As you write, though, you’re slowly causing damage to the table. Just the pressure of writing on a table can cause impressions that are nearly impossible to repair short or resurfacing the table. Plus, stray pen marks can leave blemishes that can sometimes be nearly impossible to safely remove. Having a protective table pad keeps any stray marks or heavy writers from wearing out your table.

Ease of use

With Table Pads Custom’s patented Magnaloc technology, you can quickly and securely add or remove your protective cover in a matter of a few seconds. The pads are designed to easily and seamlessly connect, offering complete protection that can be easily placed on your conference table or removed. This allows your team to quickly address any impromptu meeting need and rapidly protect the table ahead of an important client visit or large meeting.
Conference Table Pad

Add a fresh look

Another great benefit of a table pad cover is that it allows you to add a fresh new look to your existing conference table. Is your table worn from years of use – and misuse – and you always thought it would look better with a different finish? Table pads are available in a large variety of colors and styles, allowing you to change the existing look you have into something wholly new and exciting, breathing new life into your meeting space.

A perfect fit

Since each table pad is customized to your exact dimensions and requirements, you’ll never have to worry about a pad that doesn’t look good because the fit isn’t just right. With many mass manufactured tables, we have design patterns on file that match, making getting the perfect fit a snap. We also offer guidance on the measurements that we need to perfectly align with your table, not to mention custom measuring services where our professionals will come to you or walk you through the exact measurement process to make sure that you have the exact pad you need.

Quick cleaning

Lastly, our table pads are designed to be a snap to clean, allowing you to quickly wipe up spills or smears and keep your cover looking sharp. Using a vinyl-safe cleaning solution or oil, all our pads are a breeze to clean, making it incredibly easy to keep your custom conference table pad looking as good as the surface that it’s covering.

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