Keep Your Furniture Looking New: Protective Pads for Kitchen Tables

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Nearly all table tops can benefit from protective table pads. Table pad covers provide your valuable tables with protection from spills, scratches, heat, and rubbing. The kitchen is often a room where people gather, homework gets done, food is prepared, and projects are crafted. As a result, kitchen tables are especially susceptible to wear and tear that will deteriorate their finishes and leave them looking dull and worn. You can prevent your kitchen table from looking unnecessarily distressed by investing in a protective table pad from Table Pads Custom. We offer a variety of high quality and long-lasting pads for kitchen tables.

Table Pad Covers for All Finishes and Materials
Kitchen tables are often made from solid or laminate wood, plastic, or glass. No matter what material is used for your kitchen table, it can benefit from a table pad. Wood can easily be scratched or gouged, spills can warp the wood, and heat can often compromise the finish. Even teak, which is viewed as being especially durable due to its natural oils, can be damaged when it is scratched or burned.

Although easy to clean, plastic or any type of composite table tops are very susceptible to heat damage. Glass table tops, although easy to clean like plastic ones, can chip and may even break. If this happens, the table top cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Due to their vulnerabilities, all types of table tops will benefit from protective table pads.

Investing in the Longevity of Your Kitchen Table
By investing in a custom made table pad, you are ensuring that your kitchen table will withstand the demands you place on it and continue to look brand new. Our table protector pads are vinyl on top so that they are easy to clean and resistant to spills, heat, scratches and rubbing. The velvet bottoms of our table pads are soft and supple so that you can have confidence that the integrity of your table top will be maintained. We offer pads for kitchen tables that are made to high quality standard. We stand by our products and believe that, if they are properly cared for, they will last for years to come.

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