Magnetic Table Covers Protect Your Dining Room, Conference Tables and Kitchen Table

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At Table Pads Custom the leading table pad factory we understand the need to protect furniture for both special and everyday occasions. We offer a wide range of custom made table pads and magnetic table covers to help ensure your beautiful furniture is around for years to come. Even though table top pads may seem like a niche item, they can actually play an important role in virtually all homes.

In the Kitchen and Dining Rooms
One of the best places to utilize magnetic table covers is in the kitchen or dining room. You may have been at a family dinner where the one or more guests weren’t necessarily as careful at the table as you would have like them to be. For instance, water damage from spills can be a serious threat to your table, especially if it’s an antique.

The biggest threat to the integrity of your table, however, is actually from hot pots and plates. Even with potholders, the heat from a pot can burn your table and leave an ugly ring. Kitchen table pads prevent this. You may also want to consider protective table pads for your buffet table. This is another area that is very susceptible to heat damage.

To Convert a Space
One of the best things about table pads is their ability to transform a space into a multipurpose area. At Table Pads Custom, we serve families that are looking for ways to maximize the space in their homes. A great way to do this is by using tables for more than just eating. With custom magnetic table covers that easily snap into place, your dining room table can quickly go from a place to eat to a station for wrapping, sewing, doing bills, homework or crafts.

In the Bedroom
Table pads are not just for large surfaces. They’re also great for bedside tables or other bedroom tables that can sometimes be treated rather roughly. In the same way that hot pots can damage a table, cold and condensation from drinks can leave a white finish on your furniture. Candles are also a source of concern in the bedroom, as they can burn or drip wax onto surfaces. Both magnetic and non-magnetic table pads can protect these surfaces.

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