Dual Functioning Billiard Table Pads Add Useable Space and Protect Your Purchase

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Game rooms are a place for children to play without worrying about damaging expensive furniture. When this space becomes a place where the whole family can unwind after the stress of a normal day, many families choose to add pool tables to provide a stimulating activity that many people can enjoy. After making this expensive purchase, you want to protect it so that it can be utilized for a long time. Adding billiard table pads can protect, personalize, and transform a pool table to fit any specific need.

Offered in a variety of colors, at Table Pads Custom we provide a simple, yet cost-effective solution to protecting your pool table with billiard table pads. After playing a round of pool, this leatherette covering can be quickly and efficiently placed on top of the table to preserve the cloth, material, or wooden sidings. Maintaining the individual parts of the table helps the longevity, durability, and integrity, of your purchase.

This table top pad can be personalized to distinguish your table from others or transform it to match the game room décor. Additionally, we provide billiard table pads that can be used in places of recreation. While many people enjoy playing pool, this option can be utilized when there is an event occurring in the location that does not require this feature. A custom table pad can be a unique way to display a name, but can also be used to assimilate the table in the space by providing an additional function.

Furthermore, the billiard table pads can be used in a home to transform a pool table into a dining room space. Many individuals utilize table protector pads to convert a pool table into a dinner table or hosting space. By adding this covering, you can reduce household expenses. If not frequently used, a dining room can be constructed with this replacement option. It is a more convenient solution and opens space in a home. The table cover is also sturdy. Ultimately, this table mat will deliver a duel entertaining function to your home or place of recreation.

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Make Personalized Furniture With Monogrammed Table Pads

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Furnishing a new home can be an adventure, or sometimes it can be a hassle. Since there are so many options available, it can be difficult to feel attached to any particular piece. At Table Pads Custom, we offer monogrammed table pads to personally customize furniture products.

This ornate detail helps create a custom table pad for any room. We maintain products for kitchen table pads, dining table pads, or even protective table pads for delicate materials.

Why Buy a Table Covering
Monogrammed table pads are a unique way to individualize gifts for weddings, birthdays, or any event and can enhance your present and show its recipient you care with such a thoughtful purchase. When buying a personalized gift for someone, it is a special enhancement that creates a one of a kind piece for an individual.

Another reason to consider purchasing monogrammed table pads is that they offer an affordable option to improve current furniture or preserve new additions in your home. In addition, this cost-effective product will reduce the unnecessary purchase of replacing furniture and will decrease maintenance of delicate furnishings. Secondly, engraving decorative details on a table cover can transform the appearance of a room by giving it a new theme or identity. For example, double monogrammed products produce a dramatic theme, but products can be altered to fit or emulate a modern, contemporary, or traditional design. In particular, this option can help create a new space in a home or office.

Office Additions
In addition to purchasing monogrammed table pads for your home, we can provide a leatherette covering, or conference table pad, for your office. Adding this customized décor showcases your company’s identity to anyone who views it. Furthermore, this table cover is available in a variety of colors and materials, so a company can continue to stand out from its competitors by presenting a strong, cohesive brand in all aspects of its office.

If you are not interested in converting your existing table with a leatherette covering, custom made pads can be added to computer desks or office counters so that each area of your office represents the identity and promotes an image of a brand that you want customer’s to understand.

Conference Room Table Pads That Set the Tone for Business Meetings

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Many business owners know that a successful business meeting can result from choosing the right facility and environment. An agreeable meeting room can actually help meetings run smoother. Quite often, this is due to interesting topics, presentations, a lack of interruptions, and the ambience of the room.

The Importance of a Good First-Impression
Whether a client’s impression is the first, second, or third, your company or business will benefit as it will appear that it is on the cutting edge—and worthy of doing business with. Not only are your conference room table and chairs important, but your custom made table pads will make a statement as well.

Where Conference Room Table Pads Make an Impact
You can easily recall the impact that table protector pads make in political offices, government offices, law firms, and business offices of every type. Many offices have moved away from using the old glass-type protection for the obvious reasons. Glass can easily chip and damage the conference table. Chips look unsightly and can send a silent message that makes your company appear to be lacking in integrity. It is often the small things that count.

Technology Matters
Table Pads Custom uses patented Magnaloc technology that utilizes an effective, hidden, magnetic locking system. The conference table pads are kept in place without any concern for slipping or sliding. Slippage is a common problem with many other types of table pad covers. Our magnetic system is fully concealed, and will not cause any damage to your conference table.

The product’s lifetime warranty ensures that your conference table will look professional and provide protection against water marks, food stains, and nicks for years to come. You can also choose to order a custom made table pad for each seat at the conference table.

Winning Over Clients Affects the Bottom Line
An attractive and functional meeting room can win over clients and help advance new ideas, which can lead to expansion and growth. The key is finding the table pad company that can augment the look and feel of your conference room. Our many conference table pad options can provide the perfect solution.

Dining Table Pads Provide an Easy Way to Protect Exclusive Furniture

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For many people, dining room furniture represents an occasional, and often expensive, purchase. The costs can escalate, especially if the furniture is made of expensive wood and intricate hand carvings. It is an investment! This is why it is so important to care for and maintain your furniture. The truth is beautiful dining room furniture can speak volumes about a person’s persona and attitude.

Dining Rooms are an Integral Part of Homes
Dining rooms are a key focal point and gathering place for many homes. They are a place where family members, friends, and business associates gather for special occasions and joyous holiday meals. The dining room provides an opportunity where family members can come together and communicate about the day’s events, or other pressing matters. If such events are to be memorable and pleasurable, the dining room should be comfortable and stylish.

Protecting the Dining Table
One of the best ways to protect and maintain a dining table’s integrity is by purchasing dining table pads. You have a number of options of where to place it on the table. It can be placed under a tablecloth or placed directly over the table top. When considering the damage that can occur from food items and drinks, a dining table pad is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Your table pad can protect against:

• Unsightly stains
• Scratches
• Water marks
• Burns
• Diminished furniture texture

Ordering Table Pads
Dining room table pads can be purchased in customizes or standard forms. They are generally manufactured or custom-built to match your table’s dimensions. Customer can also choose form a variety of custom table pads, like soft pads that fold easily, or pads that are built of hard cardboard. Hard boards are easy to store because they fold on hinges. There are numerous options for buying a custom table pad, depending on your budget and personal tastes.

Choosing a Table Pad Company
Table Pads Custom offers table pads with our patented Magnaloc technology. A hidden magnetic locking system keeps the pad in place. Slippage and sliding is no longer a concern. Customers also benefit from the product’s lifetime warranty. If maintaining the beauty of your dining room table is a priority, you can benefit by protecting it with an attractive table pad cover. One of our representatives will be happy to stop by and attain the correct measurements for you to place an order.

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Five Great Advantages of a Custom Table Pad

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Customized table pads offer owners a wide range of benefits. Whether for use at your home or as a protective covering at your business, Table Pads Custom’s products offer an exceptional variety of benefits to our customers. Here’s a look at five great reasons to invest in a custom table pad for your home or office.

Heat Protection

Hopefully this hasn’t happened to you: You make a delicious dinner and remove it from the oven, placing it on the table to serve your hungry family but your pot holder fails or you forget to put one down at all. After you finish eating, you see the problem: fresh white wood stains now marring your beautiful dining table. With a custom table pad, you’d never have this problem. Our table covers are rated for up to 600 degrees F – far more than you’d almost ever need, even if you’re cooking a high-temperature roast or turkey.

Moisture Protection

Just like heat can mark up your wooden table, spills and moisture can warp and wear your fine surfaces. Spilled coffee, a sweaty water glass or splashed milk can make the finish of your table bubble or chip, exposing the raw wood beneath and leaving it susceptible to further damage. With a custom table pad, though, there’s no need to cry over spilt milk. Our tables offer a moisture-tight protection that prevents spills from reaching the covered table, and with the vinyl design, messes can be easily wiped up with a cloth or intensively cleaned using vinyl-safe oil or cleaning solution.
Custom Table Pad

Refreshed Look

Perhaps your table has already seen the impact of spills, messes and overly hot objects and has long-since lost its luster. No worry – a custom table pad can make your existing table look brand new. With our great collection of color options, you can place a new table pad overtop your existing table and give it a fresh look. Don’t throw out an otherwise fine table when you can make it look better than new – and keep it protected for the future – with a table pad.

Guaranteed Fit

We work closely with our customers to ensure accurate measurements of every table pad we create, and have an extensive collection of standard measurements on file to guarantee your pad fits perfectly straight out of the box. If you have a unique table or one that we don’t have measurements for, we offer a free pattern-making kit to walk you through taking the precise measurements that we need to ensure an accurate fit. We also offer on-site measuring appointments from our offices located around the country. No matter what, you can be sure that your pad fits perfectly or we’ll remake it for you. If we made a mistake, the replacement is free of charge. Even if you provided an incorrect measurement, we’ll happily work with you to make a replacement at a reduced cost.

Ease of Use

Lastly, adding a table pad to your existing surface couldn’t be easier. Whether a dining table, conference table or even a pool table, the cover easily sets on top of any surface. With our patented Magnaloc technology, segments of the cover simply and easily connect to one another, creating a seamless and complete protective cover for any surface. Whether you leave it on at all times or only need to use it for special occasions or having important guests or clients over, our table pad covers are quick and simple to place on any table.

Whatever your needs are, a custom table pad will provide an unbeatable layer of protection for any surface. Check out our full range of products online, or contact us today for more information on custom-designed table pads for your table.

Refine Your Dining with Custom Table Settings

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Everyone enjoys a high-end, extravagant dinner. Whether you’re preparing an elegant meal at home or serving hot plates to guests at a banquet or diners at your restaurant, having placemats or paddies helps provide an extra layer of spill and heat protection – plus class – to your table. With Table Pads Custom, we can help add unique touches to your table along with enhanced protection against wear, tear and damage.

Our table paddies are a great option for your dining table. These oversized placemats are a great solution, whether used daily to protect against messy eaters and spills or brought out to set serving dishes on for a big meal. These pads offer a collapsible and convenient way to quickly add extra protection. The paddies are 15 inches by 21 inches in size, and fold in half for convenient storage.  They are also rated for up to 600-degrees of heat protection, meaning you can easily place fresh-from-the-oven plates and platters on them without worrying if they’ll burn or mar your table.

We also carry a great selection of traditional placemats to offer a more casual level of protection. These mats come in oval, octagonal and rectangular shapes, with a standard 13.5-inch by 18.5-inch size. Placemats, like all of our other table pads, are incredibly durable and offer exceptional protection against scuffs, scrapes and heat.

Monogrammed Table Paddies

All paddies and placemats are available in our full range of woodgrain, leather and solid colors to match or contrast your existing décor. Plus, we can add an even more personal touch to your paddies with custom monogramming available in select colors like Charming Chestnut and Burnished Black.

Add an extra layer of protection and panache to your table with Table Pad Custom’s paddies and placemats. Contact us today and find out more about these great additions to your table service.

Keep Your Conference Table Looking Great

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Custom table pads offer you a great way to keep any surface looking fresh and new and protected from any number of potential problems and wear that may occur with an exposed table. This is especially true with conference tables, which see an abundance of use through hosting special guests, conducting business meetings or holding staff conferences and collaboration sessions. Here are five great reasons to invest in a table pad to ensure your conference table serves you and your colleagues and clients for many years to come.

No writing marks

As part of many meetings, you or your team members will often take notes about the goings on, ideas being discussed or reminders to yourself to follow up on. As you write, though, you’re slowly causing damage to the table. Just the pressure of writing on a table can cause impressions that are nearly impossible to repair short or resurfacing the table. Plus, stray pen marks can leave blemishes that can sometimes be nearly impossible to safely remove. Having a protective table pad keeps any stray marks or heavy writers from wearing out your table.

Ease of use

With Table Pads Custom’s patented Magnaloc technology, you can quickly and securely add or remove your protective cover in a matter of a few seconds. The pads are designed to easily and seamlessly connect, offering complete protection that can be easily placed on your conference table or removed. This allows your team to quickly address any impromptu meeting need and rapidly protect the table ahead of an important client visit or large meeting.
Conference Table Pad

Add a fresh look

Another great benefit of a table pad cover is that it allows you to add a fresh new look to your existing conference table. Is your table worn from years of use – and misuse – and you always thought it would look better with a different finish? Table pads are available in a large variety of colors and styles, allowing you to change the existing look you have into something wholly new and exciting, breathing new life into your meeting space.

A perfect fit

Since each table pad is customized to your exact dimensions and requirements, you’ll never have to worry about a pad that doesn’t look good because the fit isn’t just right. With many mass manufactured tables, we have design patterns on file that match, making getting the perfect fit a snap. We also offer guidance on the measurements that we need to perfectly align with your table, not to mention custom measuring services where our professionals will come to you or walk you through the exact measurement process to make sure that you have the exact pad you need.

Quick cleaning

Lastly, our table pads are designed to be a snap to clean, allowing you to quickly wipe up spills or smears and keep your cover looking sharp. Using a vinyl-safe cleaning solution or oil, all our pads are a breeze to clean, making it incredibly easy to keep your custom conference table pad looking as good as the surface that it’s covering.

For more information on our full range of custom-made conference table pad options, give us a call today at 800-379-7237 or email us at info@tablepadscustom.com.

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Protect Your Tables from Kids’ Crafts this Summer

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The school year has ended, and with your children now on summer break, the nice days are filled with sun and fun, and working on crafts and projects. Those painting projects, glue, markers, crayons and pencils can wreak havoc on your tables, but by using a custom magnetic table pad you can add extra protection to your surfaces and keep the spills and coloring outside the lines from leaving permanent marks on your surfaces.

Dining Table Pad

Magnetic table pads seamlessly and simply cover and protect your table, staying in place using patented Magnaloc technology to prevent slides and slips. This technology allows our pads to invisibly attach to the table, removing the need for other braces or fasteners that could scratch surfaces or visibly protrude. Since every pad is also custom made to fit your table, you won’t have to worry about playing children catching an ill-fitting corner or tripping on loose material and pulling everything onto the floor as you might with a tablecloth or other off-the-shelf solution.

In addition, our pads offer exception protection from any possible problems. Measuring 1/2 inch thick, our pads completely protect your surfaces from a full range of potential problems, from marks and scratches from writing or drawing on tabletops to boiling water or paint spills. The pads are also made to be simple to clean, allowing you to wipe up messes with ease using vinyl-safe cleaner or oils. Our pads are designed to last and save your table from excessive wear, and we back each table pad with a lifetime warranty.

Made of warp-resistant materials and employing the latest cutting and measuring technologies to ensure a perfect fit, our pads are also a great option if your existing table is already showing signs of its age. Available in 25 different colors and finishes, these pads can make your worn tables look brand new again. Why spend the money to try and find a new table to fit your space when you can rejuvenate and protect the one you have with a custom-fit magnetic table pad?

For more information on custom table-covering solutions, give Table Pads Custom a call today at 800-379-7237 or email us at info@tablepadscustom.com.

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