Protect Your Table Pad with Table Pad Storage Bags

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If you have a table pad we offer at Table Pads Custom, then you know it works very effectively to protect your table from spills, burns and scratches. However, even the best table pad will probably need to come off at some point so that you can show off your beautiful furniture. A new problem now arises – where should you store your table top cover? It is actually very important to store your protective table pads in the right manner so they can last for a long time.

Prevent Replacements
Improper storage is actually the number one reason that consumers have to replace their table pads, regardless of how much they use it. Some people store their pads in their original shipping container, but it’s unlikely that everyone has the space to keep a massive empty box indefinitely. Table pad storage bags like that ones we sell here at Table Pads Custom are a fantastic alternative. These bags should then be stored flat, making them ideal to slide under dressers, beds, or into closets.

Storing Properly
All table pad covers have weak areas, which is almost always at the fold or hinge. This fold is a fabric hinge very similar to the hinge on a hard cover book. Just like good books should be stored between bookends, your custom table pads should be stored flat, either upright or on the floor. In the same way that books are damaged if they lean too much, your table bad will start to droop, especially at the weak locations. This is why storing it upright is so important. Keeping your pads in table pad storage bags makes it easy for you to store them flat without worrying about scratching.

Keep the Temperature Constant
It is very important to keep your table pads stored in an environment with a constant temperature. We recommend storing them on the first or second floor of your home, rather than in a hot attic, moist basement, or garage open to the elements. It’s also important to never store them in a furnace room with a water tank. There’s nothing worse than losing something meant to protect your furniture from water because of a water tank issue.

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