Protect Your Tables from Kids’ Crafts this Summer

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The school year has ended, and with your children now on summer break, the nice days are filled with sun and fun, and working on crafts and projects. Those painting projects, glue, markers, crayons and pencils can wreak havoc on your tables, but by using a custom magnetic table pad you can add extra protection to your surfaces and keep the spills and coloring outside the lines from leaving permanent marks on your surfaces.

Dining Table Pad

Magnetic table pads seamlessly and simply cover and protect your table, staying in place using patented Magnaloc technology to prevent slides and slips. This technology allows our pads to invisibly attach to the table, removing the need for other braces or fasteners that could scratch surfaces or visibly protrude. Since every pad is also custom made to fit your table, you won’t have to worry about playing children catching an ill-fitting corner or tripping on loose material and pulling everything onto the floor as you might with a tablecloth or other off-the-shelf solution.

In addition, our pads offer exception protection from any possible problems. Measuring 1/2 inch thick, our pads completely protect your surfaces from a full range of potential problems, from marks and scratches from writing or drawing on tabletops to boiling water or paint spills. The pads are also made to be simple to clean, allowing you to wipe up messes with ease using vinyl-safe cleaner or oils. Our pads are designed to last and save your table from excessive wear, and we back each table pad with a lifetime warranty.

Made of warp-resistant materials and employing the latest cutting and measuring technologies to ensure a perfect fit, our pads are also a great option if your existing table is already showing signs of its age. Available in 25 different colors and finishes, these pads can make your worn tables look brand new again. Why spend the money to try and find a new table to fit your space when you can rejuvenate and protect the one you have with a custom-fit magnetic table pad?

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