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Custom Table Pads: Table Protectors, Heat Resistant & Magnetic

custom made round table pad

The best way to protect the surface of your antique or expensive dining room, kitchen or conference table is by using a custom made table protector pad that is heat resistant and magnetic. Table pads are made of a lightweight, stiff fiberboard inner core that is covered with vinyl on the top, which facilitates easy cleaning. The bottom of the table protector pads is soft cushioned velvet that will protect the surface of the table.

Table Pads Custom provides custom table protector pads that are heat resistant and magnetic, and fabricated to fit your table’s exact size and shape. Although custom made, our durable table protector pads are available at wholesale prices, and they are available in 25 vinyl top colors and 5 velvet bottoms to make sure we always have a color that will enhance and match your décor.

Custom Magnetic Table Pads

We specialize in making customized magnetic heat resistant and magnetic table protector pads, which are made from a heavy duty, washable and durable leatherette surface. They are cushioned with a velvet bottom and help in protecting your tables from scratches, watermarks, heat, dents and other types of damage. They can be easily folded in half and stored either standing up or lying flat.

Why are we the top table pad company?

Unlike many other protective table pads you will find on the market, we manufacture one type of pad. Our table protector pads are custom made from quality materials and are ½ inch thick so that your table is protected from heat and scratches.

Delivery Information 

Once you place your order, we provide 3 delivery options, as seen below:

1) Standard 4-8 weeks
2) Rush – 15-21 business days
3) Ultra Rush – 5-9 business days.

If you need help placing an order, or if you have any other questions, please contact us today.

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5 Star reviews from our happy customers

  • Review
  • I was very skeptical about making a pattern and ordering pads on the phone but Shelley sent me the pattern kit, talked me through the pattern making process, and I did the tracing and the pads came out just beautiful. They fit my table perfectly and the color is a great match! Thanks so much tablepadscustom. I would highly recommend this company.
  • Sheri Deller, Old Westbury, New York
  • Review
  • I just got my new table and wanted to protect it just like my mother and grandmother so I placed my order with tablepadscustom and am so happy with the pads. I especially love the invisible magnetic locking feature.
  • Susi Gelman, Greenwich, Connecticut
  • Review3
  • Arthur came to my house to measure and did a great job! What a nice guy and excellent product. I highly recommend TPC!
  • Bob Gimbel, Boca Raton, Florida
  • Review4
  • Unfortunately my beautiful table got ruined when my son dropped something and gouged out a piece of my table. I ordered table pads from Mitchell on the phone and through texting a photo of my table we were able to choose a color really close to my table so I don’t have to look at the damage anymore. The price of the pads was sooo much less than a refinisher! I would highly recommend this company.
  • Mirna S. Chicago, Illinois
  • Review5
  • My pads arrived yesterday which was 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I love them. They are perfect! Thank you so much!
  • Sally D. Memphis, Tennessee
  • Review6
  • Alan came to my home to measure and pattern my table for table pads. He really spent a lot of time helping me choose a color to match my table and I also ordered a couple of tablecloths to match my surrounding decor. I am thrilled with all my purchases and can’t wait to show my friends! Thanks Alan!
  • Sonia A. Staten Island, NY
  • Review7
  • My husband surprised me with beautiful table pads for Mother’s Day. He set up an appointment while I was at work and Susan measured my table to perfection and helped my husband choose a matching color. What a considerate husband and a wonderful company to work with.
  • Harriet B. Southampton, NY
  • Review8
  • Kudos to TPC for my amazing magnetic locking pads. I couldn’t be happier.
  • Nellie C. Nutley, NJ
  • Review9
  • Great company, great prices, very honest, and a pleasure to work with
  • Miranda T. Pikesville, Md
  • Review10
  • If you are looking for table pads you must go to They are the best company in terms of product, price, and integrity.
  • Doris Y, Kansas City, MO
  • Review11
  • Five star company
  • Stan G, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Review12
  • Table pads custom is an excellent company. They had the best pricing and the product is better than I ever expected. 5 stars all around!
  • Amanda Ginsberg, Scarsdale, New York
  • Review13
  • Highly recommend this company. I ordered table pads and tablecloths from them for my conference tables. Great to deal with.
  • Sally Sanchez, Brooklyn, New York
  • Review14
  • This company rocks. They came to my home to measure for table pads and they came out amazing. I also ordered some custom table linens. Great company to deal with and excellent pricing.
  • Joan Glazer, Alpine, New Jersey
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