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Our table pads have a limited lifetime warranty. Any manufacturer defect reported to us will require you to ship the pad back to us at your expense. A copy of your receipt must be placed in the box. We will either fix the problem or remake the damaged piece or pieces and ship them back to you at no cost. If the problem is deemed to be a case of neglect, abuse, accident or error on your part, we will remake the piece or pieces at a reduced cost to you.

A measurement discrepancy of 3/16 " or less (length and width) is an industry standard. When the pad is centered on the table, it will be no more than 3/16" off in any direction. This discrepancy can only be based on the measurements and pattern that you provide.

An incorrect fit due to using one of our patterns on file instead of sending in your own cannot be guaranteed because each table can be slightly different. In some cases manufacturers of tables have two tables with the same pattern number and slightly different shapes. Although we use thousands of patterns that are specifically for mail order purposes and for retail establishments, it is always best to make an exact template of your table. We will be happy to assist you over the phone.

Another industry standard allows a tolerance of 1/16" on all of our 1/2" thick pads. It is not possible to control the exact thickness of the fiberboard that we are sent. When attempting to match up leaf thickness to an existing pad we recommend making a whole new set so that the thickness and color match up exactly.

The direction of the woodgrain is dependent upon the width of the pad, and sometimes the width of the roll of vinyl. At times there is up to an inch variance on the width of the actual roll of vinyl. If the pad is oversized in width, or the roll is too narrow the woodgrain will be turned in the opposite direction, thereby changing the direction of the woodgrain.

Return Policy

We make all orders custom just for you, and it is our goal to produce your product as soon as possible. Therefore, once your order is submitted, your order is entered into our system and we begin to prepare to fulfill it, right away. Accordingly, once an order is submitted, it may not be canceled, returned or changed for any reason.

As in any custom product, we cannot offer an exchange or refund once you place your order. Once an order is placed we do not offer any cancellation policy. All sales are considered firm and we do not offer returns or exchanges as all items are custom. This is because there is no resale value. However, our warranty is the best in the business. We will repair or replace any section (or sections) of your table pads for life. This applies to any manufacturing defect. Your only obligation is to send it to us and pay for the shipping and handling back to you. Our goal is to make our customers happy for the life of their table.

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