Finest custom magnetic table pads


Furniture Pads for Tables and Other Pieces

At Table Pads Custom we offer a wide range of pad protection covers such as table pads, dining table extenders including those for dining room tables, desks, coffee tables, buffet tables, conference tables, and pool tables. If you need to protect one or more of your flat furniture surfaces, we can manufacture one or more furniture padsto help you achieve the protection you need.

Table Pads for a Wide Range of Furniture

Our furniture table pads, protectors, and leafs are designed uniquely for the protection of various surfaces. We can accommodate your needs for square, rectangular, oval, octagonal, and round table pads for different pieces of furniture. Our pads include a quality magnetic locking mechanisms to ensure they stay in place and function exceptionally on your surfaces of choice.

Exceptional Protection for Your Surfaces

At Table Pads Custom, we are your premier source for exceptional quality table pads and other items to protect all of your furniture pieces and also embellish their visual appearance when the table pad is in place. Our furniture pads are designed to protect your surfaces from scratches, spills, and heat, keeping those surfaces looking brand-new after years or even decades of use. We have you covered with table protector pads and extenders for a wide range of furniture needs, including those for glass tables, buffet tables, coffee tables, conference tables, and more.

We Guarantee the Right Fit

Our service area extends across the nation in various cities and towns. We can visit your home or place of business in these areas to provide you with an in-home consultation and to take measurements. If one of our representatives is not available in your area, we can help you over the phone to obtain the proper measurements, ensuring you receive the exact size furniture pads you need. Our table top protection products are custom made to order to fit: round, oval, boat shaped, arrowhead corners, capsule, octagon, rectangular, square and all shaped tables!

Our team guarantees the right fit, so you can have confidence in our ability to serve you with the perfect table pads, protectors, and leafs you need to keep your various surfaces protected.

Easy Ordering!

It is easy to order from the various table and furniture pad options we have available. Whether you need protection for your dining room or kitchen furniture, or one or more antique furniture masterpieces, we have you covered. Call us, chat with a representative live online, or send us an email today.

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