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Table Pads Home Measuring For New York

Table Pads Custom has been providing an easy and affordable, hassle free in home measuring service for custom Table Pads for over 30 years. Our table pad company services customers throughout New York including Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westchester, Rockland County, New York City as well as parts of New Jersey and Connecticut. We also offer in home measuring in South Florida in areas such as Miami, Palm Beach Gardens, Coral Springs, Jupiter, Stuart, Boca Raton, Wellington, Parkland and surronding areas. A quick phone call to (800) 379-7237 will determine whether our representative is able to provide in home service to your actual location. If we are not able to provide in home measuring we can offer phone service and guide you through the process of measuring and template your table with a pattern. Our experienced representative will spend as much time as needed in helping you measure, and pattern your table when needed. Once we receive your pattern we measure it and make sure your measurement and the pattern we received are consistent before we go ahead and manufacture your pads.

Our in home service for custom made table pads is for dining room tables, kitchen tables, buffet servers, coffee tables, pianos, pool tables, conference tables, cocktail tables, end tables, bedroom dressers, chests, and night tables, desks, kitchen islands and kitchen countertops, and dining room extenders. Our table pads are custom made to order to fit any shape and size! Table pads from Table Pads Custom come with magnaloc which is our magnetic locking system. We also offer monograms with 1 letter as a cool feature to give your table more pop!

Extender pads allow our customers to expand the amount of guests they can accommodate for a holiday or breakfast, lunch or dinner party. Extender pads can allow up to an additional 24” of eating and seating on the length and width of your table. Extender pads are a thicker version of table pads but allow for a safe overhang and are sturdy enough to keep your elbows on without tipping over.

Businesses have trusted us to protect their valuable conference room tables for many years. We are able to manufacture special cut outs for the wiring for your computer, phone, or other needs on the surface of your conference room table. We offer a wide selection of color choices for the top surface so your employees can write directly on the pad surface without damaging the conference table. No longer will you have to be anxious about your employees or guests eating, drinking or writing on the conference table and making rings, scratches, or dents from forks, knives, spoons, plates, cups, serving dishes or burns from coffee cups. Our table pads will protect against spillage, dents, burns, and scratches, enabling you to focus on your work event instead of worrying about your table. Maintain your table in peak condition with a table pad.

Throughout our long history of providing customers with elegant and sturdy custom table pads we have had the distinct pleasure of providing in home service to a former President of the United States, veterans and current servicemen and servicewomen of the U S Army, Navy, Marines, police, firefighters, medical responders, EMT , unions, educators, FBI, as well as professional football, basketball, baseball, tennis, hockey, and sports agents and broadcasters.

We are very proud that our products are all manufactured in the United States. We service customers all across the United States and have a stellar reputation. Please give us a call and we can explain our products or provide you with any additional information that you need. Let Table Pads Custom show you the best option to protect your valued and treasured furniture and tables. It would give us great pleasure to add you to our long list of satisfied customers. Give us a call at 800-379-7237 and one of our qualified specialists will be more than happy to assist you. A table pad is one of the best investments you can make to protect your table.

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