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Starting at $550

Enter the size that you want the dining table extender to be. Do not enter the size of the actual table.

Standard pricing is up to 60 wide x 100 length and anything larger is $6 per inch.

Click Here to know more about how to measure your table.

If you need instructions on how to measure your table, please give us a call 1-800-379-7237.

  • Provides Protection & Preservation
  • Extends Table In Width & Length
  • Additional Seating Capacity For Up To 14 Inches In Width & Length
  • Matches Exact Contour Of Your Table
  • Heavier Than Standard Table Pad
  • 600 Degree Heat Resistance
  • Locking System

Shipping is $50 in continental US only. Oversize charge will apply if dining table extender is wider than 60" and longer than 100" without extension leaves. oversize charge is $5 per linear inch.

Our Dining Table Extender is the perfect solution for anyone needing an extension to their table – this table pad extends past your tables existing circumference and provides a larger table top surface, adding inches all the way around your table while keeping it protected, all at the same time!

Many people have invested in wood and glass tables in the past that no longer fit their needs for entertaining due to expanding family sizes. We have created the perfect solution to extend your kitchen or dining room table to add seating for the holidays as well as every day. Our dining table extender allows you to easily add 14 inches to the length and width of your table. Dining table extenders are heavier than our table pads so you can spread out and comfortably seat more guests or family members without fear of the pad buckling or one's elbows making the pad less sturdy. 
Dining table extenders are the ultimate solution for those looking to add inches to their table while living in an apartment or with a smaller dining room. Dinner / dining table extenders are much more cost effective than purchasing a new table and our wide width cloths are widely used for this purpose. Click here to view your color options.

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Price : $550.00

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