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Magnetic Custom Table Covers & Protective Pads

Magnetic Custom Table CoversTable Pad Factory is a company dedicated to providing top quality protective table pads, table covers, linen tablecloths, table extenders, and accessories. We offer table pads to protect and beautify tables of all kinds, from conference tables to dining room tables, coffee and end tables, too. The protective table pads, covers, cloths, extenders and accessories we offer are an affordable option to ensure the life of your costly and sentimental furniture, and are available in a variety of colors and styles. You can even get recessed monogramming done to any table pad or table paddie, offering a special extra touch that oozes luxury and style.

Protective Table Pads: A Smart Investment

Our fiberboard protective table pads, covers, cloths, extenders and accessories aren’t just for show either. Offering up to 600 degrees of heat protection, defense against scratches and dings, spills and gouges, the table pads we carry will pay for themselves in no time. The cost of refinishing a table can be astronomical, while the cost of a table pad may be surprisingly low. Sometimes, the cost of protective table covers, pads, cloths, extenders and accessories can be as little as 20% of the cost of refinishing! Imagine never having to cringe as your kids do their homework, writing on your family heirloom kitchen table. You won't damage your entry table as they drop your keys or spare change. Your conference center will not only look extremely professional, but the table will last much longer without pen marks and scratches.

Multi-Purpose Table Pads

Table pads can go beyond the dining room or conference table! Try using paddies or a full table pad to protect your granite countertops while serving to protect the surface from hot pots and pans. Use one to protect your recreational tables, pool tables, pianos or window box. The list is endless, because you can use our protective table covers, pads, cloths, extenders and accessories to protect just about any surface in your home or office. All of our table pads come with our magnetic locking system, and are designed not to interfere with normal use of the table. We may only sell one kind of pad, but it's the best on the market with a solid fiberboard inner core and easy to clean leatherette exterior.

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