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How to Care for your Table Pad

Table Pad Custom constructs table top protectors and pads made to last a lifetime. While the superior materials will hold the shape of the table pad, having the proper table pad cleaning and care instructions will keep your table pad looking brand new. Learn how to care for your table pad, and you can maintain its beautiful polished shine for decades to come.

Proper cleaning and care for table top protectors and pads is simple and requires only a few minutes of time. The top of your custom table pad is made to handle spills, scratches, hot dishes and other dangers, so it is especially durable. Spilled foods or drinks can make the top of the surface sticky, so it is important to clean up any spills when they occur. Simply wiping the table pad down with a wet cloth will do the job. If sticky spills are especially resilient, use regular dish soap. Using vinyl cleaners or chemicals will deteriorate the surface over time. The velvet bottom of the table pad easily attracts dust and dirt into its soft fibers, so wipe down the table with a cloth before sliding the table top on.

Cleaning and caring for your table top protector and pad before or after use takes only a few minutes, and it will preserve the beauty of your table pad. To order a custom table pad for any table in your home, Click Here or contact Table Pad Custom today.

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