Finest custom magnetic table pads


Construction of Table Pad : Quality, Materials & the Process

Table Pad Custom is the leading custom table pad manufacturing company. The unique construction of our magnetic table protector pads and the durable, high-quality materials they are made with makes each custom table pad last a lifetime. While others use substitute materials, which fall apart over time and leave your table open to damage, we constructs magnetic table protector pads in custom colors and dimensions, built to last.

Each custom magnetic table protector pad is fitted specifically to the shape of your dining room table, conference table, pool table, buffet table and many more. We start durable and light-weight fiberboard, which will hold its shape and take abuse without warping. The fiberboard is covered with a vinyl surface on top that imitates the look of leather while being easy to clean. The bottom of the table pad is covered with cushioned velvet, so it will not stick to or scratch the table. The patented magnetic locking system keeps the table protector pad in place without damaging corners or sides.

Table Pad Custom protects your valuable furniture items from scratches, water marks, heat, dents, and other damages with a guaranteed lifetime warranty. Tell us the custom dimensions and colors you need, and we will construct a magnetic table protector pad to match and preserve your table.

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