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The Perfect Dining Table Extender for Your Home

At Table Pads Custom, we offer an exceptional product called the dining table extender and protector pad. It is the table pad solution you need to conveniently extend past the existing circumference of your tables. It delivers a larger tabletop surface, adding inches around the table while simultaneously keeping it protected.

The Perfect Solution to Accommodate Your Guests

Many families have glass and wood tables they purchased in the past that no longer accommodate their needs –for example, due to an expanding family. We offer just the right solution to extend your dining room or kitchen table to add the seating you need for either everyday meals or special holiday occasions. Our dining table extender and protection pads can easily increase the available surface area of your table 14 inches in length and width. These table extenders are heavier than our other table pad products, enabling you to comfortably seat more family members and guests without any concern over the pad buckling or elbows resting on the pad making it unstable or less sturdy.

Dining table extenders are the perfect solution if you are looking to add usable table space, particularly in a smaller dining room or apartment. These extenders are more effective than purchasing an expensive, new table. A wide width cloth can be added to accommodate the table length and width extension.

Dining Table Extender Features and Benefits

Some of the exceptional features and advantages of our dining table extender products include:

Get the Perfect Fit

In many locations around the U.S., we can come to your home or place of business to take the necessary measurements to ensure you have the right fit for your dining table extender and protector pads. If we do not offer a representative in your area, we can take care of the correct measurements over the phone with you in just a few minutes.

Simply request the size you need for your dining table extender and place your order.

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